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Newspaper "The Hope Standard" about the filming

Stunt shooting starts

November 18, 1981

First Blood Production is shooting "heavy-duty dangerous" stunts at a location approximately six miles outside of Hope.

Carolco Services Ltd., an independent company that is producing the movie, will be shooting scenes in town some time next week or the following week.

The movie tells of the conflict between Vietnam veteran Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, who trained with the special forces and is a congressional medal of honor winner, and redneck sheriff Teasle, played by Brian Dennehy, who is a Korean war hero.

Dennehy plays the district attorney in the television series Dynasty and also played the bartender in "10".

Kirk Douglas plays Col. Trautman, the special forces officer who trained Rambo.

In the scene currently being filmed, Rambo is hunted by a helicopter. He throws a knife at the helicopter while he is in a tree, the window shatters, the pilot is startled and jerks the control stick, causing one of the deputies to fall out and be killed.

Publicist Burt Elias had nothing but praise for the town. He said the 40-to-50 member crew have all been made to "feel at home" by the residents.

The people could not be "nicer, politer or more enjoyable to be around."

Everyone is being very helpful and co-operative, he said. The people enjoy having the company around and it "reflects in their attitudes."

The company will be shooting scenes in and around Hope for at least a month.

Executive producers for First Blood are Andy Vajna, Mario Kassar and Herb Nanas.

Buzz Feitshans is the producer and Ted Kotcheff is the director.

The deputy sherrifs are played by David Caruso (Mitch), Jack Starrett (Galt), Michael Tabot (Balford), David Crawley (Singleton) and Chris Mulkey (Ward). John McHian plays Orval, the dog handler.

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