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POHL FORCE TACTICAL KNIVES Dietmar Pohl of 'Pohl Force Tactical Knives' is a German knife designer who created the movie knives for the last Rambo movie "Last Blood". He fulfilled his dream to travel to Hope in 2022 for the 40th anniversary celebration of the filming. I met him there and we had a great connection! Check out his knives!
On The Set Of First Blood Herve Attia from France is a huge First Blood fan. He visited Hope and the surrounding area and re-enacted the scenes. Check out his movies that he shot on location!!!
Scott Hardy's First Blood Filming Locations Scott from B.C. was the first who stood at the famous junkyard on Burke Mt. With Herve & me giving him some advises where "lost locations" could possibly be found found, he did it the "Indiana Jones Way". He even discovered lots of more "hidden spots" like the "Basecamp" at Alouette Lake!!
Johnrambo9's Stallone Memorabilia Blog I met him & his wife in Hope B.C. at the 30th Anniversary of First Blood. He is Japans greatest Rambo fan & a very cool guy. On his blog he features his trip to Hope with lots of photos! It's written in Japanese, but you can use the Google Translator as a help ;)
The First Blood Website The first website on the whole Internet which delivers informations about the Making of "First Blood". It also has a picture gallery, the First Blood script and other stuff. The most successful Stallone website...highlight is the very well frequented forum, where many Sly fans discuss about their hero and his movies.
Rambomania Discuss The Rambo Movies on this fine board. From Vietnam to Burma!! The creator of RAMBOMANIA is Tiziano and he's also known as "Jay Rambo" has been the community and resource website since 1992 in Hope BC. They provide directories for businesses, personals, events, specials; and many more pages: attractions, history, media movies, albums, real estate, community links, news, Faces of Hope, etc. This website gives information about the history of Hope, the climate or events which take place in the near future. They recently had a Rambo dedicated site which I can't find anymore. Can you?? Czech Stallone website with one of the best photo galleries I've ever seen. RĂ³bert and Peter also seem to be very successful as their website now counts almost 70.000 hits. Congratulations!!

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