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Newspaper "The Hope Standard" about the filming

"Movie set built"

October 21, 1981

Construction of the jailhouse for the movie "First Blood" should be finished within a week.

However, unit location manager Gordon Mark said the crew will have to construct the inside of the building and then "dress" it with desks, calendars and other office equipment.

He said they "hope to be starting on the gas station soon." and will also start asking various merchants if they can place a temporary sign on the roofs of stores or possibly changing the name.

The film company is still looking for accomodation locally.Mark said he has not looked at any of the offers yet, and is not discounting any, but he would like more offers.

There are a "couple of leads" for the cliff that will be used in an action shot, and one possible location is in Sunshine Valley.

The company is currently looking in the Squamish and Pitt Meadows areas for possible locations, but Mark stressed there will be five weeks of shooting in Hope.

He explained the company is looking in the two areas because they are within commuting distance to Vancouver. This will help cut down on the expenses for the crew and will allow them to "sleep at their own beds at night."

The schedule for the movie should be worked out by the end of the week and the crew could possibly be here November 16 to start the production.

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