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Newspaper "The Hope Standard" about the filming

"Movie extras must await call"

October 14, 1981

Everyone eagerly awaiting their chance to appear in a major motion picture will be informed, well in advance, when and where to hand their applications, according to a production spokesman.

The movie "First Blood" starring Sylvester Stallone and Kirk Douglas, is going to be filmed in and around the Hope area with the target date to begin filming set at November 16.

Gordon Mark, unit location manager for First Blood, assured The Standard people that "there will be plenty of advance notice when we are ready to hire extras from the Hope area."

"We're not interested in casting extras yet, as all of the major roles haven't been filled," Mark said.

"There will be a lot of extras hired, and the the time that they are needed and the requirements for applicants will be made very clear in radio and newspaper ads when we begin casting," said Mark.

Mayor Keith Gardner of Hope noted that construction of the sheriffs office in front of the tonically has already begun.

"They're hoping th have all of the construction done in a month," Gardner commented.

There have been reassurances that the production company will be staying in Hope.

"It would be too expensive and too inconvenient for us to stay anywhere else and it's not as if Hope doesn't have the facilities," said Mark.

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