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Newspaper "The Hope Standard" about the filming

"Movie Madness"

October 14, 1981

With the First Blood movie moguls arriving from Hollywood soon, the rumor mill is abounding with juicy gossip. In order to correct some obvious misunderstandings, we will endeavor to squelch only the wildest stories.

It is absolutely untrue that Mayor Keith Gardner is holding out for more money before signing on as the sparring partner with Sylvester Stallone. Gardner's agent has suggested Bud save his face for the municipal elections.

It is not true that CKGO's Peter Slack will be lured away by the glitter of DJ stardom in Los Angeles.

He was over overheard by his listener to the non-contact show, saying "If it's the last thing I'll do, I'll stay in Hope."

There is no truth, repeat, no truth to the rumor that Al Kelly has offered his Esso bulk oil plant for the movies's catastrophic service station scene. He'll have to find another way to relocate besides being blown up.

In addition, there is no basis for the belief that while the movie shooting goes on, the Hope Theatre plans a month and a half of Kirk Douglas least none older than 1939.

It is completely false that after the film company leaves Hope, RCMP Staff Sergeant Dave McLay plans to become town sheriff and move into the new jailhouse. He simply plans to become Staff Sheriff at the stockade.

And, finally, we categorically deny the rumor that The Hope Standard will be changing its name to the Fraser Canyon Star. And no, Rona Barrett is not going to be our new reporter.

So much for tidbits from Tinsel Town this week.

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