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Did you know...??
Director Ted Kotcheff had originally cast Kirk Douglas for the role of Colonel Trautman, but Douglas, unsatisfied with the script, abandoned the film in mid-production and was replaced by Richard Crenna

Kirk Douglas

Real Blood
In the scene below Sylvester Stallone accidentally hurts Brian Dennehy while holding his Jimmy Lile Knife to the sheriff's throat..

Don't push it!

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Fast (March 2006)

October 5, 2017

Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Filming of First Blood in Hope,BC!!

October 7 - 8, 2017 in Hope, BC - THE place where it all began in 1981/82

->>> More information on the -> Rambo "First Blood" Tourism Website

I won't be able to make my 5th visit to Hope this time - but - NOTHING is over! CYA next time!



January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Check out some Ice Cold Action from Hope, BC ;)



August 29, 2014

Hey First Blood fans!

Finally...My 4th Trip to Hope B.C. - 30th Anniversary Party 2012

This is Part I, the rest will be uploaded later!




November 23, 2012

Hey First Blood fans!

There's a small update for you!

Yeah I know - my report of the 30th Anniversary Party is still missing ;) but it's gonna be a huge one and I'm incredibly busy at the moment. But 50 % is already finished :)

* 1 NEW Website Link - More Information at my LINKS Section

* Ebay Auction - Donation for Fraser Canyon Children's Hospice

Regan Greenard from England, a big First Blood fan, asked me to share this information for you:

There will be a First Blood Memorabilia auction in December, where he donates his Rambo bridge sculpture plus other rare items!

The proceeds will be given to a Children's Hospice in B.C.!!

You can read the whole story here -> LINK <-

- Oliver

October 18, 2012

Back from 30th Anniversary of First Blood in Hope!!

What a great weekend that was! More info about it in the next time!

Until then there's a small update for you!!

* 2 NEW Posters

The Indian
The Latvian

* 2 NEW Website Links - More Information at my LINKS Section

Scott Hardy's First
Blood Filming
Locations Website

* 2 Newspaper Articles about the 30th Anniversary Party in Hope 2012

THE PROVINCE - First Blood still flows strong, 30 years on

AGASSIZ HARRISON OBSERVER - Rambo 'superfans' descend on Hope


- Oliver

September 9, 2012

30th Anniversary of First Blood - October 5th - 8th 2012 in Hope, BC!

Big Celebration to an Amazing Movie!!

For those who have missed the 25th Anniversary - This is your chance!!

Come Celebrate the Blockbuster Hit from 1981 in this beautiful Town!

Check out some more infos about this event in Hope, BC->> LINK

"NOTHING IS OVER!!!! (John J. Rambo)


June 12, 2011

The Final Take - The end of the Rambo Bridge in Hope, British Columbia!

Amazing Event to tribute the Rambo Bridge before it is torn down!
All sorts of entertainment. Come Celebrate the History of this Beautiul Bridge before it is too late. Sunday, July 10, 2011 · 11:00am - 2:00pm
Check out some more infos about this event in Hope, BC->> LINK

"SEE, TOUCH, FEEl, SMELL the bridge for the last time!!" (Brian McKinney)


January 31, 2011

Dear First Blood fans,

First Blood 4 eva!!!!!

Go to Hope as long as the bridge is still standing!!



October 1, 2010

Dear First Blood fans,

Rambotown is back!

Please don't use anymore, but now The damn ohost-server is down and now there is no annoying advertising banner on my website no more and I hope everything is working now...



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