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Various Items

Original Dog Tags
Used in the movie
"Rambo John J,936-01-1758, 0 Neg, Catholic"
Original Shell Belts
Given as a gift from the prop maker. Seen on Ebay. I personally own 2 of them.
Original Jacket Flag
Worn on the 65 Combat Jacket. I found this one on Ebay.
Original Cop Coat
Brown Police Jacket
Worn by David Carruso
Original Cop Coat II
Jacket Size 42. By Western Costume Company.
Seen at $ 80 on Ebay
Motor Bike
A '82 Yamaha XT 250 like this was used in the movie.
(12.4 KW, Speed 69,9 mph)

Special Knife Section

Ray Matton, a knife maker from Alberta, Canada & huge First Blood fan has designed these wonderful "First Blood" knives. For the 25th Anniversary of the filming he created a special & unique knife. He says:

"I first saw First Blood when I was 21 years old back in 1983 I think. Over the years I didn't think to much about it but I do recall buying a big survival knife by Buck Knives. It was the Buckmaster 184 and looked allot like the First Blood knife. I hung out in the woods by a small fire listening to the birds and feeling a bit like Rambo. Now that I am 46 years old I still think about the First Blood years , and though Rambo 2 and 3 were good films , First Blood to me was the most believable of the 3. Everybody gets older that's a part of life and its hard for me to think of a 61 year old Rambo running around. To me John Rambo is this young tough guy from First Blood. I still hope to see and meet Sly in Hope so I can shake his hand and tell him what he his character ment to me all these years and its because of his film that I became a custom maker. If you want you can check out my webpage at Once there click on the 'knives' menu to your left and you'll see a pic of me and some of the knives I have made."

For more information and how to buy the knives, go to --> Matton Edge Custom Knives <--