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Newspaper "The Hope Standard" about the filming

Fake gas station built for movie

October 28, 1981

First Blood Productions will begin construction of a three-sided, 40-foot long fake gas station, complete with gas pumps and canopy, for a special effects night scene in the upcoming movie filming.

Council gave its go-ahead to the movie company Thursday night. The station will be built on the highways department land, fronting the Hope-Princeton Highway, east of Ryan's restaurant.

The scene involves Sylvester Stallone crashing an army truck into the canopy and pumps and igniting the wreckage.

In a letter to council, production manager Paul Tucker said the special effect has been designed and will be executed by professional stuntmen and special effects men. While "visually dramatic", it will be controlled and safe.

The volunteer fire department will be standing by on site during the explosion and fire sequences and every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of the surrounding structures and the public."

The existing gasoline storage tanks on site will be fill with water and capped to neutralize any remaining gasoline fumes.

The company will also coordinate with Westcoast Transmission regarding the proximity and safety of the natural gas pipeline in the area.

Tucker assured the town the area will be cleaned up on completion of filming.

To ensure "absolute safety" to the public, the company requested both east and west bound traffic on the Hope-Princeton Highway be diverted from the area via Third Avenue, Wallace Street and Water Avenue during actual filming.

In addition, the company requested permission to periodically stop traffic on Highway #1 from the Gateway to Holiday Land sign to the junction of Water Avenue and Hudsons Bay Street. The closures will be limited to 15 minutes each.

The filming of the sequence will take place at night only. The company anticipates the detour will be required from approximately 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for a maximum of four nights.

Although the filming schedule is not yet firm, the filming is expected to take place from Dec. 7 to 21.

Tucker said First Blood will "co-ordinate with the highways department, RCMP and Town of Hope to ensure the detours and closures are adequately marked and manned."

The company will also take out $10 million in insurance for third party liability and property damage.

Council indicated it would not be held responsible for possible claims of loss of business during the detours.Construction was slated to begin Oct. 19.

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