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Goofs and Mistakes

Scene Photo
08:23 & 08:26
Dry windshield
When the sheriff drops Rambo off, we see in a puddle that it’s raining. Only some meters away from him, Teasle's windshield shows no signs of rain. It's dry!
11:25 & 20:35
Shaved face despite no shave
The sheriff’s men are trying to shave Rambo but he escapes before they can do so. After ditching the bike he runs uphill. He is shown almost clean-shaven.
Visible ramp
When Rambo is being chased on the bike he jumps some railroad tracks. In the shot filmed from the front you can see the ramp which is about 3 feet higher than the tracks.
18:36 & 19:09
Dislocated hub cap
During the chase, the sherrif's car loses its front-left hub cap, but only seconds later we see the rear-right hub cap is missing.
71:12 & 71:48
Rambo has taken the Army truck and on the trucks front bumper is the word WARNG on the left side and C-6 on the right side. The C-6 disappeares only seconds later...