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Exclusive "Behind the Scenes" Photographs

Thanks to some nice Hope residents, I am able to give you an exclusive insight
view of the filming set. Although it was not permitted to make photos of the
filming itself, I think these movie set pictures speak for itselves anyway...

The infamous "Jailhouse"
Constructed on Oct. 14, 1981

Sylvester Stallone and his

Sly is looking at his
wife Sasha

Sly, his bodyguard
and other crew members

Stallone is pointing at the
police cars' Washington plate

Brian Dennehy is waiting
for the next scene

This scene was filmed
on November 30, 1981

Stallone's stunt double
Buddy Joe Hooker

Waiting for the next

The "Gas Station"
Constructed on Oct. 19, 1981

On Dec. 10 at 10.30 p.m.
it was blown up

What an explosion
that must have been...

The backside of the
"Outpost Gun Shop"

The frontside of
the Outpost

Short before being
blown up...

Sly with crew members
at a night scene in Hope

The Sheriff's Office
at night. Nice, isn't it?

Hope's Third Avenue and
its Christmas decoration

The movie star looking sceptical...

...on the movie set of the Sheriff's Office during a short break

Hope's nice guy Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Teasle.

Special thanks to Bob Romano of Romano's Photoshop and Frames in Hope BC for providing me with these photos!